No More Second Chance: Do it for Good!

helping other people for the good
Image found at Tzuchi.Org

While I am working on my project last week on Recharge Mobile News I was intrigue with the innovative wear from Lingerie Addict Website. And that experience made me write this blog I learned from that experience that plagiarism is never good and that I have to do things  not for any reason but for the good!

Plagiarism, I know is never good since you copied the content from someone else’s without their permission. No matter a portion of the article, the whole of it must not be copied. If there is a great need to copy the article I could have had done it properly by either asking permission from the owner or at least trying to cite properly  or quote the section properly. I humbly ask for apology from the owner of the website and I promise the it will never happen again.

Yes, we should always do things for the reason of the good especially if we know that bad that lead us to something negative. I know that copying someone’s content can either get me fined or even jail for it and the bad side of it it will even affect the website where I copied the content from. No excuse, we must always do good thin

gs only.


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